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Welcome to the Dry Tech 24/7 Learning Institute where anyone can start to build their business in the sanitation and indoor air quality industry.

Following this career path will help you transform from a novice to an experienced contractor in this booming industry. You will know exactly which courses you need to advertise yourself with specific credentials. We also provide you with other information you need such as the level of insurance for each credential. Dry Tech is here to get you started the right way!


Step 1

Clorox 360 Tutorial

Step 2

Certified Custodial Technician Basic

Step 3


Global Biorisk Advisory Council fundamentals to be a certified individual for disinfecting highly contagious and potentially lethal pathogens.

Step 4

Certified Custodial Technician Advanced

An optional class for disinfecting, specific for janitorial floor care.

Step 5


Assess indoor environments for mold to determine the causes and conditions that proliferate mold then write protocols for sanitization or remediation .

Step 6


Step 7

Mold Worker

Step 8

Indoor Air Quality Assessor

Assess indoor environments for a wide range of indoor air pollutants to determine the causes and conditions that exacerbate poor indoor air quality then write protocols for sanitization will pursue this track toward a successful career.

Advanced Courses

Step 1


Step 2

General Information Courses

Step 3

Building Sciences Courses

Step 4

IAQ & Mold Specialty Courses

Step 5

State Mold Licensing Laws


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