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My name is Maxine Gomez, I am a Biologist and Mold Expert with more than a decade of experience working in the  restoration/remediation industry. I have performed countless inspections, established both testing and mitigation protocols and reviewed protocols and opinions of others within the restoration/mitigation industry for litigation purposes. I have owned and operated Dry Tech 24/7 inc., a restoration company since 2015 and currently work as a State Certified Licensing instructor for NORMI (National Organization of Remediators and Microbial Inspectors). 

You may have questions or cases that could use an expert opinion and I am always happy to help.    

I have both performed and consulted on multi-million-dollar projects and have served as a preferred vendor for a variety of insurance companies as well as private developers and owners of commercial and residential properties. 

I have been qualified to testify as an expert witness in numerous cases within the field of Mold Remediation/Inspection, HVAC/mechanical issues which cause/spread contaminates. 

If you ever need a consult, peer review or expert witness I am available to assist.  

Also, please feel free to forward my information to anyone you feel may need my expertise.  I appreciate your time and consideration.

Maxine Gomez

I am pleased to introduce you to our team at Dry Tech 24/7, where it is our mission to do each job with dignity and bring a property back to healthy. We treat each team member, every client, and any property with respect. As our team is comprised of leaders in training, our LIT team brings a “Yes!,” attitude to our clients every day. Our goal is to provide the best service with open book communication and honesty. Each team member has passed through a strengths finder to work in a fulfilling role within the company. By living our best practices, we can provide you with the best service as we take pride in our work. We make the commitment to every project to see it through to fruition and ensure customer satisfaction. We are not just a restoration company. We are leading the way with the latest in technology, education, and upholding the industries’ best practices. By working with purpose, we can bring you the best service. It is our pleasure to make sure you have a better day.