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Harmful Types of Mold You Can See at Home in Palm Beach County

Let’s start with the fact that not all types of mold are harmful. You should understand that there are different types and that some of them can lead or cause severe health issues for you and your loved ones in case your home is infested. It is important to note that this harmful mold grows where there is water or water damage. If you’re looking for professionals to do the dirty work for you – we can do that for you anytime bad mold types would appear in your home.

Here are the different types of harmful molds you might see at home:


Also known as the black mold, Stachybotrys is the first on our list of harmful types of mold. Black mold can lead to diarrhea, flu, headaches, memory loss, and many other respiratory concerns. It is best to keep children away from black mold because since their bodies are still developing, they are very vulnerable to contracting diseases caused by black mold. Black mold has a dark color, as its name suggests. But sometimes, you can find them in grey or green. If you notice a musty odor in your basement or any humid areas in your homes, it could be black mold.


Famous for causing allergies, Alternaria is found in numerous climate zones during spring or summer – often in higher-level areas. Even if you can’t typically find Alternaria inside buildings or homes, you can get it from the air, canvas, cables, and many other materials.


If your immune system is weak, it would be easy to contract this type of mold. Penicillium comes in chunks in several places. If you find it in your home, you could suffer respiratory conditions like asthma and bronchitis.


When there is water damage, know that you will find Chaetomium. It grows on wet, dark surfaces. Imagine seeing it in between wallpapers, your drywall, carpets, and even baseboards. Chaetomium’s appearance is like that of black mold or Stachybotrys, and it will blend with its environment. It can cause allergy symptoms like watery or red eyes and even respiratory problems. This harmful type of mold can also cause other diseases.


Aspergillus is also known as yellow mold. This is one type of mold that is harmful to people with weak immune systems. Is yellow mold dangerous? Although spores will be present in the air all the time, inhaling molds such as aspergillus is never a good idea. Unless, of course, you do not want to be healthy – which we are sure you no one wants. Exposure to aspergillus can cause allergies, infections, and aspergillosis.

Keep Mold Out of Your Home

Avoiding the spread of mold in your home is the safest way to do it. It causes severe health issues; therefore, it is best to call in a reliable mold remediation expert. This list of harmful types of molds can be prevented with the help of professionals. They take care of the mold and make sure that the air quality in your home is restored.


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