How to Get Rid of the Smoke Smell After a Fire in Miami Dade


Going through a fire is often stressful. Fires can cause extensive damage throughout your home or property, which needs assistance from experts. Additionally, to repairs for items burnt, soot-covered, or damaged by water from firefighting efforts, there’s also the question of how to get rid of the smoke smell after a fire. The smell of soot or smoke can linger well after a fire, causing unwanted discomfort or damage for you and your family.

Whether your home has suffered smoke damage from a house fire or the effects of a wildfire, professionals have the expertise and know-how to force out the fire smoke smell quickly and effectively. 

The smoke from a fire infiltrates not just a part of a home, but as a whole. Getting rid of fire is one thing, but the odors are a different story. It can seep into furniture, drapes, carpeting, clothes, books, and even woodwork. Smoke particles get into fibers and other porous surfaces.

The risks of smelling fire smoke are not to be taken for granted. That is why fire smoke smell removal from a house is a process best left to the professionals with the expertise, specialized equipment, and skill to solve the matter without causing further damage.

Often homeowners plan to get rid of the smoke smell after a fire using deodorizers or scented candles. These strategies mask the odor and won’t remove it from the house. Deeply clean the items to eliminate the smoke smell.

There are different ways to eliminate fire smoke smell. Some items though, only require airing to get rid of the odors. Still, most things like carpeting, rugs, curtains, upholstery, and clothing will need cleaning and possible sanitization.

  • Using detergent and some water, wipe down surfaces — this includes painted surfaces, baseboards, doors, window frames/sills, and, therefore, the outside and interiors of all cabinets and drawers.
  • Use odor neutralizing products like bicarbonate soda or activated carbon to reduce the smell within an area. These products might not be as effective at removing the smoke smell alone but could help areas that weren’t as directly suffering from the smoke.
  • Avoid vacuuming curtains or upholstery to avoid any more damage. Using the proper equipment to get rid of the residue is vital.
  • Wash or dry clean all fabric items from your home. If there’s oily soot on your fabric, avoid using your washer, as this might cause clogging issues after the wash cycle.
  • Keep fire smoke-damaged wood furniture faraway from your carpet while cleaning. Leaks and stains may appear on your carpets.
  • Remove any water from the flooring as soon as possible. If water from sprinklers or firefighting efforts has accumulated and is damaging your carpet, have them replaced.
  • We recommend handling the items as little as possible and make sure it’s clean to stop further damage. When understanding how to get fire smoke odors out of house carpets, fabrics, and other furniture, trust the experts.
  • Act quickly. Metallic surfaces may start to corrode or rust within hours due to the acidic soot. Hard surfaces like wood, wallpaper, drywall, or paint will discolor if soot isn’t removed after damage. Remove residue as soon as possible. Time is of the essence when getting rid of the smoke smell after a fire.

How to get rid of the smoke smell after a fire usually means cleaning up everything that needs it. Old home decorations, curtains, etc. But like all cleaning dilemmas, Dry Tech 24/7 in Miami Dade is here to assist you!

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