What You Need to Know About Fire Damage Restoration in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

fire damage restoration

Property damage in Fort Lauderdale and Florida due to fires is causing untold devastation. Although one cannot truly prepare for the destruction brought by a house fire, you can try to minimize the losses at least. With that in mind, homeowners can also add to their considerations – fire damage restoration.

Whether a fire is small or huge, you must attempt to minimize further losses caused by smoke. Fire damage restoration is one of the ways to assess the extent of the destruction of the fire damage, securing items that have not been burned or destroyed, and commencing renovations.

Below are some guidelines that may help you to reduce the damage and avoid expensive fire damage costs.


In any home restoration service for that matter, the first crucial step is to evaluate how much fire or smoke damage there is. This assessment includes determining the depth of fire permeation into the home structure, how severe the soot coverage is, and if the fixtures and if the walls have been affected by heat damage.

A fire damage restoration company will ensure that a comprehensive evaluation of the extent of the damage is done and that all necessary information is well-documented. Furniture and other items that have not been affected by the fire should be aired out as early as possible. Smoke tends to stick in fibers and other fixtures long after the fire is gone.

Service Providers

When you hire home restoration services that specialize in fire or smoke damage, make sure that you have researched extensively. Also, inquire with your home insurance agent if they have suggestions for potential restoration companies.

Never sign contracts with a company just because you feel a sense of urgency or if the fire damage restoration costs are economical. Look into the history of the company so that you will be guaranteed not to fall prey or victim of companies that take advantage of fire victims.

Cleanup Process

After a fire, a home restoration service provider will make sure that no additional damage will happen. They will strengthen structures that show signs of weakness. The inspection will give them an idea of whether the roof, ceiling, walls, or floors only need repairs or overall replacement.

Soot and smoke from fire damage stains are difficult to remove by yourself. Fire damage restoration entails deep scrubbing of the smoke stains, sanding, and refinishing the surface to erase the traces of smoke or soot. In case of water damage, the home restoration company needs to pump out the water from the walls and furniture and air it out using unique fans or heaters to remove the moisture. Cleaning up carpets and upholstery or replacing them, if possible, might be a better way to ensure that odors are removed from your home.

Repair and Renovation

Restoring is one of the options that families consider, especially for irreplaceable pieces or furniture. Repair and restoration are steps to a very crucial process; that is why these should be done carefully. Consult professionals from DryTech 24/7 to match your needs.

If there are parts of the home that are very difficult to restore, then renovation is another option. It is like a rebirth of some form that will help you to start over after a very unfortunate incident.  

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