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Mold is Not Always Seen
but is Always Harmful.

If a water leak or spill has not been thoroughly extracted, mold is almost guaranteed.

Mold Reproduces by Releasing Tiny Invisible Spores

Mold spores are constantly floating through indoor and outdoor air, but when they land on a moist surface they can begin to grow. Mold performs a necessary role in nature by breaking down dead organic matter. However, it eats away at organic materials, including paper, drywall, wood, and some carpets, so when left untreated. This process can lead to severe damage of property. Mold eats away at organic materials, including paper, drywall, wood, and some carpets, so when left untreated, it can lead to severe damage.
Mold can be an allergen (respiratory irritant) which affects different people in different ways. Dry Tech 24/7 technicians are trained and certified to contain and remove mold from affected areas of a home or other structure without cross contaminating surrounding areas.
If there iis a visual area of mold larger than 10 sq. ft. it requires that the area be tested by a NORMI certified assesor and sent to a lab for results to verify which type of mold it is. Once the mold remediation has been completed the hygienist will re-test the remediated area for clearance purposes. Once a clearaance certificate has been issued Dry Tech 24/7 can begin the drywall repairs and reconstruction precess.

Are you concerned about your home or office air quality?

DryTech 24/7 can provide mold inspections in your office or place of business that may detect if mold is an issue. Although some types of mold are visible to the naked eye, others types are not as easily detected. Early detection of mold issues may prevent costly clean-up and repair once discovered. Additionally, early detection may prevent the onset of health issues for employees and clients.

Mold Assessment: Contact DryTech 24/7, a Broward County Mold Remediation Contractor, to assess
and identify moldy areas, detrimental sources and recommend healthy, cost-effective solutions to your office environment.